Carriage bolts, also known as coach bolts, are commonly used in wood connections due to their unique design and functionality. These bolts feature a round head with a square neck that prevents the bolt from turning when installed in wood. This square neck seats into the hole in the wood, providing a secure connection. Carriage bolts are widely used in various applications, including furniture assembly, construction projects, and wooden structures.

Carriage Dimensions

The dimensions of carriage bolts vary depending on the specific requirements of the application. Carriage bolts are available in a range of sizes, with different head diameters, head heights, neck diameters, and neck lengths. Here are some common carriage dimensions:

Carriage Bolts
Carriage Bolts: Essential Fasteners for Wood Connections 2
Bolt Diameter D C H P F
Body Diameter Head Diameter Head Height Square Width Square Depth
Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min
12 0.515 0.483 1.094 1.032 0.270 0.250 0.515 0.492 0.281 0.250
58 0.642 0.605 1.344 1.219 0.344 0.313 0.642 0.616 0.344 0.313
34 0.768 0.729 1.594 1.469 0.406 0.375 0.768 0.741 0.406 0.375
78 0.895 0.852 1.844 1.719 0.469 0.438 0.895 0.865 0.469 0.438
1 1.022 0.976 2.094 1.969 0.531 0.500 1.022 0.990 0.531 0.500
114* 1.277   2.850   0.531 0.500 1.250   0.625  
*Dimensions per ASME B18.5 1990 (R 1998) cover diameters up to 1″. Bolts over 1″ use custom head dimensions.

These dimensions are just examples, and carriage bolts are available in various sizes to suit different applications. The appropriate size of carriage bolt to use depends on factors such as the thickness of the materials being joined and the specific load requirements of the connection. For projects with unique requirements, it is recommended to consult with a reliable supplier or manufacturer.

Standard and Measurement Units

The dimensions provided in the Carriage Dimensions table adhere to industry standards for carriage bolts. The most commonly followed standards for carriage bolts include the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) specifications. The specific ASTM specifications may vary depending on the material and grade of the carriage bolts.

It’s important to note that the dimensions listed in the table are in imperial units. The measurement units used for carriage bolts are typically expressed in inches (“). The diameter of the bolt and the corresponding measurements for the head diameter, head height, neck diameter, and neck length are all represented in inches.

When ordering carriage bolts or discussing specifications, it’s crucial to communicate the required size and dimensions in the appropriate measurement units (inches) to ensure accuracy and compatibility with your wood connection applications.

Please keep in mind that these measurement standards and units may vary based on the region and specific requirements of your project. It is always recommended to consult with a reliable supplier or manufacturer to confirm the applicable standards and measurement units for your specific needs.

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