Searching for the perfect fastener to keep your projects and products secure? Look no further than the combo of metric carriage bolts and nylon insert locking nuts. This dynamic duo provides superior grip strength, vibration resistance, and ease of assembly. Read on to learn why metric carriage bolts with nylon inserts are the ideal solution for your application.

Metric Carriage Bolts


Metric carriage bolts, also known as coach bolts, are partially threaded fasteners with a domed head. They are inserted through pre-drilled holes and then secured on the reverse side with a nut. The smoothly rounded dome head provides a finished look. Meanwhile, the square neck under the head grips the surface, preventing rotation as the nut is tightened.

Nylon insert locking nuts feature a nylon collar inside the nut which molds itself to the threads of the bolt when tightened. This creates resistance and prevents the nut from loosening due to vibration. Together, these components create a tight connection perfect for demanding applications.

Benefits of Using Metric Carriage Bolts with Nylon Inserts

Choosing metric carriage bolts paired with nylon insert locking nuts offers several advantages:

Superior Holding Strength

The nylon insert nut actively grips the threads of the bolt, while the square neck of the carriage bolt resists spinning. This dual locking effect creates a super-strong hold.

Vibration Resistance

The flexible nylon insert prevents the nut from loosening over time, even when subjected to impacts or vibration. Say goodbye to frustrating bolt loosening!

Quick and Easy Installation

With the square neck locking into the mounting surface, carriage bolts can be installed swiftly without needing to hold the bolt stationary while tightening the nut.

Clean Finished Look

The smoothly rounded head of a carriage bolt gives a polished appearance for aesthetically pleasing results. No more obtrusive hex heads to detract from your project’s look.

Widely Available

Metric carriage bolts and nylon insert nuts can be sourced easily worldwide due to broad adoption of the metric system. Avoid specialty custom orders.

When to Choose This Fastener Combo

Metric carriage bolts paired with nylon insert nuts provide reliable performance in many situations:

Outdoor Furniture

The nylon insert nuts will prevent loosening even when furniture is moved repeatedly or left out in the elements. No more wobbly patio sets!

Playground Equipment

Kids can shake, rattle, and roll without working bolts free. Nylon inserts maintain proper tightness despite intense vibration.

Trailers, Tow Hitches

Road vibrations meet their match against nylon insert nuts. Carriage bolt heads provide a polished look.

Machine/Equipment Bases

Upgraded from plain hex bolts, carriage bolts with nylon inserts keep machines firmly anchored with minimal loosening.

Structural Framing

Beams, braces, and framing remain tightly secured as nylon insert nuts resist vibrational loosening.

Automotive Applications

Nylon insert nuts excel in auto and truck suspensions, frames, running boards, bumpers, and more.

Agricultural Equipment

Bouncing through fields won’t loosen nuts secured with nylon inserts. They stand up to vibrations and impacts.

Shopping for Metric Carriage Bolts and Nylon Inserts

When purchasing metric carriage bolts and nylon insert nuts, keep these tips in mind:

  • Head Style – Select dome head for a finished look or countersunk head if you need a flush surface.
  • Diameter – Standard metric diameters between M6-M16 suit most applications. Measure existing bolts or holes to determine size needed.
  • Length – Lengths are measured from under the bolt head to the end. Plan enough thread engagement for the nut without excess length.
  • Material – Steel provides durability for structural connections. Stainless steel and brass offer corrosion resistance.
  • Nut Style – Nylon insert nuts come in standard hex, flange, and coupling nut styles. Select the variant required.
  • Quantity – Purchase nut and bolt sets together in matched quantities for convenience. Sets ensure components work together.

Let’s Connect Your Project!

With their unmatched grip, vibration resistance, and ease of installation, metric carriage bolts paired with nylon insert locking nuts are truly the ultimate choice to securely fasten your project. Simply contact Jmet Corp. with your requirements, and we can provide you with the ideal metric carriage bolt and nylon insert nut sets for your application. Don’t settle for loose, unsightly standard hex bolts. Get a grip on your next project with carriage bolts and nylon inserts!

FAQs About Metric Carriage Bolts and Nylon Inserts

What are the key advantages of metric carriage bolts with nylon inserts?

They provide superior holding strength, resist vibration loosening, install swiftly, have a clean look, and are widely available. The nylon insert grips while the square neck prevents spinning.

How does the nylon work to lock the nut in place?

The nylon collar within the nut molds to the contours of the bolt threads when tightened. This friction creates resistance against loosening while remaining flexible.

Can you use regular nuts instead of nylon inserts with carriage bolts?

You can, but nylon insert nuts form a tighter, more vibration-resistant connection. Regular nuts may still loosen over time.

What’s the difference between metric and imperial carriage bolts?

Metric carriage bolts are measured in mm diameters versus imperial which uses inch fractions. Most countries use metric apart from US, UK, and Canada.

Can nylon inserts be reused?

Usually not – the nylon deforms to grip the threads when first installed. Reusing can result in a loose fit. It’s best to use new nuts each time.


For unmatched performance in securing your critical connections, metric carriage bolts paired with nylon insert locking nuts are the clear choice. This dynamite duo brings together the vibration-blocking strength of nylon inserts with the spinning-resistant grip of carriage bolts. With robust tightness, swift installation, and polished dome heads, these fasteners will become your new go-to for projects and repairs. Trust metric carriage bolts and nylon inserts to hold on tight right where you need them. Contact Jmet Corp. today to get the ideal sets for your upcoming projects!