As a provider of fastener solutions for construction sites, Jmet Corp., a subsidiary of Jiangsu Sainty International Group, understands the crucial application of fasteners in the construction industry. With our diverse product line, quality assurance, and exceptional service, we strive to meet the needs of our customers.

Quality and Reliability

Safety and reliability are paramount on construction sites. We are committed to delivering high-quality fasteners that meet international standards and certifications. Jmet Corp.’s products adhere to ISO, DIN, ASTM, and other standards, undergoing rigorous quality control processes. By partnering with global suppliers, we ensure the superior quality and traceability of our raw materials, providing excellent fastener solutions.

The Crucial Application of Fasteners in Construction Sites
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Diverse Application Areas

Fasteners have a wide range of applications on construction sites. Whether it’s in building structures, steel constructions, bridges, road construction, piping systems, or other engineering projects, our products cater to various needs. From bolts, nuts, and screws to expansion bolts and anchoring systems, we offer comprehensive fastener solutions.

Technical Support and Customized Solutions

At Jmet Corp., we not only provide standard fastener products but also offer technical support and customized solutions. Our team of professionals collaborates with customers, tailoring fastener products to meet their specific requirements and engineering designs. We prioritize close communication and cooperation with our customers to ensure our products fully align with their application needs.

Reliable Partnership

As part of the Jiangsu Sainty International Group, Jmet Corp. has established a wide network of partnerships. We work closely with construction companies, contractors, and architects, providing them with reliable fastener solutions. Our products are widely used in various construction projects, including residential buildings, commercial constructions, and infrastructure development.

Ensuring Efficiency and Safety

Fasteners play a critical role in the efficiency and safety of construction sites. They are essential for securing structural elements, connecting components, and ensuring the integrity of the entire construction. With Jmet Corp.’s high-quality fasteners, construction professionals can have peace of mind knowing that their projects are built on reliable and secure foundations.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

As the construction industry increasingly focuses on sustainability, Jmet Corp. is committed to providing eco-friendly fastener solutions. We actively seek environmentally conscious materials and production processes, minimizing the environmental impact of our products. By choosing Jmet Corp.’s fasteners, construction projects can contribute to a greener future.


As a provider of fastener solutions for construction sites, Jmet Corp. understands the crucial application of fasteners in the construction industry. With our commitment to quality, technical support, and customized solutions, we are the reliable partner for construction professionals. Contact us to learn more about Jmet Corp. and how our fastener solutions can enhance the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your construction projects.