At Jmet Corp., we take pride in providing high-quality hardware and fasteners to meet your industrial needs. One of our popular products is the USS & SAE Combined Flat Washer. These washers are essential components in various applications, offering stability, load distribution, and protection against surface damage. In this article, we will discuss the dimensions of our USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers, emphasizing their importance and versatility.

uss flat washer dimensions
USS & SAE Combined Flat Washer Dimensions 2


Our USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different requirements. These washers are designed to fit both USS (United States Standard) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) applications, making them suitable for a wide range of projects in different industries. Let’s take a closer look at the standard dimensions we offer:

Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
#2 3/32″ 1/4″ 0.020″
#4 1/8″ 5/16″ 0.032″
#6 5/32″ 3/8″ 0.049″
#8 3/16″ 7/16″ 0.049″
#10 7/32″ 1/2″ 0.049″
#12 1/4″ 9/16″ 0.065″
1/4″ 5/16″ 0.734″ 0.065″ 9/32″ 5/8″ 0.065″
5/16″ 3/8″ 7/8″ 0.083″ 11/32″ 11/16″ 0.065″
3/8″ 7/16″ 1″ 0.083″ 13/32″ 13/16″ 0.065″
7/16″ 1/2″ 1-1/4″ 0.083″ 15/32″ 15/16″ 0.065″
1/2″ 9/16″ 1-3/8″ 0.109″ 17/32″ 1-1/16″ 0.095″
9/16″ 5/8″ 1-15/32″ 0.109″ 19/32″ 1-5/32″ 0.095″
5/8″ 11/16″ 1-3/4″ 0.134″ 21/32″ 1-5/16″ 0.095″
3/4″ 13/16″ 2″ 0.148″ 13/16″ 1-15/32″ 0.134″
7/8″ 15/16″ 2-1/4″ 0.165″ 15/16″ 1-3/4″ 0.134″
1″ 1-1/16″ 2-1/2″ 0.165″ 1-1/16″ 2″ 0.134″
1-1/8″ 1-1/4″ 2-3/4″ 0.165″
1-1/4″ 1-3/8″ 3″ 0.165″
1-3/8″ 1-1/2″ 3-1/4″ 0.180″
1-1/2″ 1-5/8″ 3-1/2″ 0.180″
1-5/8″ 1-3/4″ 3-3/4″ 0.180″
1-3/4″ 1-7/8″ 4″ 0.180″
2″ 2-1/8″ 4-1/2″ 0.213″

Note: The dimensions provided in the table are approximate and may vary slightly.

Importance and Applications

The USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers play a crucial role in various industries and applications. These washers offer multiple benefits, making them an indispensable component in many projects. Let’s explore the importance of these washers and their applications in more detail:

  1. Load Distribution: One of the primary functions of the USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers is to distribute loads evenly. When a bolt or screw is tightened, it exerts pressure on the surface it is fastened to. By using a washer, this pressure is spread over a larger area, reducing the risk of damage to the material being fastened. The washer ensures that the load is evenly distributed, enhancing the overall stability and strength of the connection.
  2. Protection: Another significant advantage of the USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers is their ability to protect surfaces. When fastening a nut or bolt, the washer acts as a cushion between the fastener and the surface. This cushioning effect helps prevent scratches, dents, and other forms of damage that may occur due to metal-to-metal contact. By using these washers, you can safeguard the integrity and appearance of the surfaces involved.
  3. Reduced Wear: Friction between the fastener and the surface can lead to wear and tear over time. The USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers act as a barrier, reducing the direct contact between the fastener and the surface. This, in turn, minimizes friction and wear, prolonging the lifespan of the components and ensuring long-term durability.
  4. Versatility: Our USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers are designed to fit both USS and SAE applications, making them versatile and suitable for various industries. Whether you are working on automotive projects, construction, machinery, or general manufacturing, these washers can provide the reliability and performance you need. Their standardized dimensions ensure compatibility and ease of use across different applications.

By incorporating our USS & SAE Combined Flat Washers into your projects, you can enhance the strength, stability, and longevity of your fastening connections. Their dimensions are carefully engineered to meet industry standards, guaranteeing a precise fit and optimal performance.

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