Discover how custom galvanized high-strength flat washers from Jmet Corp. provide superior strength and durability for your critical applications.

custom galvanized high strength flat washers
custom galvanized high strength flat washers


Finding the right flat washer can make all the difference in creating a secure connection in your equipment and machinery. Not all flat washers are created equal, however. For high strength performance in critical applications, custom galvanized high-strength flat washers are the optimal choice.

These specialized washers feature an electroplated zinc galvanized coating that provides excellent corrosion resistance. The high carbon steel construction also delivers superior tensile strength while the precise thickness and dimensions ensure solid, reliable performance. When you need a washer that can withstand tremendous stress and torque without warping, deforming, or breaking, our custom galvanized high-strength flat washers are the ideal solution.

At Jmet Corp., our engineering experts can custom-design galvanized high-strength flat washers to your exact specifications. We manufacture them in-house with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality control. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing our custom galvanized high-strength flat washers and why they are the top choice for critical connections.

Benefits of Custom Galvanized High Strength Flat Washers

Choosing the right flat washer for your application is crucial in creating a solid, reliable connection. Here are some of the top benefits our custom galvanized high-strength flat washers provide:

Superior Tensile Strength

Constructed from high-carbon steel, our washers offer tremendous tensile strength far exceeding standard washer grades. They are engineered to withstand tremendous bolt loads without cracking or deforming.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

The thick electroplated zinc galvanized coating provides excellent corrosion resistance even when exposed to water, salt spray, chemicals, and other harsh conditions. This ensures a long service life.

Dimensional Accuracy

With in-house manufacturing, we can control the dimensions and thickness precisely based on your specifications to ensure the washer’s seat performs as intended.

Reliable High Torque Performance

The galvanized high-strength flat washers maintain their strength even under tremendous torque loads on critical connections. This prevents spinning, warping, or breakage.

Custom Options Available

We can customize the size, hole diameter, thickness, material grade, and quantity based on your exact application needs.

Applications that Benefit From Custom Galvanized High Strength Flat Washers

Here are some examples of applications where our specialty washers excel:

Marine and Offshore Equipment

The saltwater and moisture resistance proves invaluable for boats and offshore drilling platforms. The high strength also handles tremendous forces.

Construction and Lifting Equipment

From cranes to excavators, the rugged durability withstands job site abuse while providing reliable lifted load support.

High Load Mechanical Joints

Any mechanical joint under high tensile loads, such as press fits or splined shafts, benefits from the unmatched grip and torque resistance.

Structural Steel Connections

Large steel I-beam connections in bridges, buildings and equipment thrive thanks to the extreme tensile strength.

Railroad and Mass Transit Applications

Track joints, rail car connections and other train applications demand high corrosion resistance and torque strength.

Mining and Heavy Industry

Massive vibration forces, contact with abrasive materials and exposure to the elements require robust yet dependable performance.

The Importance of Proper Washer Selection

Choosing the right flat washer is essential as it serves critical functions including:

  • Evenly distributing bolt pressure
  • Providing a smooth interface between parts
  • Allowing optimal torque tightening of the bolt
  • Preventing loose parts from shifting and vibrating loose
  • Enhancing corrosion and rust resistance

Yet many engineers simply opt for generic low-carbon steel or stainless steel washers. This can compromise the integrity of the connection leading to failures. Our specialty washers are purpose-built for optimal performance based on factors like:

  • Tensile strength requirements
  • Anticipated torque loads
  • Corrosive conditions
  • Dimensional interface with the assembly
  • Weight demands
  • Quantity needs

By taking the time to properly select the ideal washer, you ensure reliable, long-lasting connections.

Working With a Trusted Custom Washer Engineering Team

Not only do we offer the highest-performing galvanized high-strength flat washers, but our engineering experts make it easy to get the ideal washers for your application. Here are some of the ways we support your needs:

Detailed Application Consultations

We take the time to understand the performance requirements and environment to recommend the optimal material grade and dimensions.

Design Engineering Assistance

If needed, we can help design the washers from scratch to match your assembly for a perfect fit.

stringent Quality Control

With in-house manufacturing, we meticulously control each step of the production and inspection process.

Rushed Production Capabilities

When you need washers quickly for downtime reduction, we can expedite production to minimize lead times.

Inventory Programs

To avoid stock-outs, we can create a custom inventory replenishment program tuned to your usage.

Cost-Effective Pricing

By controlling manufacturing, we can keep costs down even when customizing washers in lower volumes.

Trust us as your one-stop engineering partner for galvanized high-strength flat washers.

Quick Facts on Our Galvanized High-Strength Flat Washers

Here is a quick overview of key facts regarding our washer capabilities:

  • Withstand 3X more torque/tension than Grade 2 steel washers
  • Exceed grade 8 washer tension specs
  • Custom diameters from 1/4” to over 5”
  • Hole sizes from .091” to 2”
  • Steel thicknesses from .015” to 3/8”
  • Galvanized coating up to .002″ thick
  • Batch quantity runs as low as 1,000 pieces
  • Inventory replenishment programs available
  • All popular standards including ANSI, DIN, JIS
  • Made in the USA with domestic steel

Contact Jmet Corp. Today to Order Your Custom Washers

We hope this overview has demonstrated the superior performance you can expect from our specialty custom galvanized high-strength flat washers. To discuss your application and order your washers engineered specifically for you, contact Jmet Corp. today. Call

+86 17768118580, email [email protected], or chat live on our website. Our team is ready to deliver the ideal washers to keep your critical connections tight and corrosion-free for the long run.


With their extreme tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and dimensional accuracy, custom galvanized high-strength flat washers from Jmet Corp. deliver unmatched performance for critical connections. If your application demands a washer that can withstand tremendous stress, torque, and harsh conditions, our washers are the best solution. Work with our engineering experts to get your specialty washers designed and manufactured to your specifications. Invest in the strongest grip and connection integrity with custom galvanized high-strength flat washers from Jmet Corp.