In the world of fasteners, washers play an integral role. Two such washers that you’ll often encounter are the flat washers and lock washers. Each type caters to different needs, and picking the right one can dramatically influence the success of your project. At Jmet Corp. Fasteners, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Flat Washer vs. Lock Washer: Enhancing Your Project's Success 2

Flat Washer

Flat washers are ubiquitous, featuring a simple yet effective design: round and flat with a hole in the middle. They work to distribute the load, thereby safeguarding your material from damage and ensuring a flush fit.

Here’s a glimpse into the specifications of our high-quality flat washers:

Flat Washer
Round and Flat
Hole in the middle

At Jmet Corp. Fasteners, our flat washers are not just an off-the-shelf product. We offer customisation to fit your unique needs, whether it’s a particular material or a specific size.

Lock Washer

Lock washers are the unsung heroes that keep your fasteners from loosening or falling out. They add tension or bite into the material to provide a steadfast solution.

Take a look at the specs of our robust lock washers:

Lock Washer
Prevents loosening
Adds tension or bites into material

Like our flat washers, our lock washers can also be customised to meet your project’s specific demands.


  Flat Washer Lock Washer
Purpose Distribute Load Prevent Fastener from Loosening
Design Round and flat with a hole in the middle Various designs depending on method of lock
Application General purpose, often used in construction and machinery Specific applications where vibration or motion could loosen fasteners

Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs

The beauty of washers lies in their versatility. Yet, the standard sizes might not always fulfill your requirements. At Jmet Corp. Fasteners, we offer customised solutions that can help you select the right washer for your project.

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