Got rust? If you’ve noticed reddish-brown corrosion on your zinc plated products, you’re not alone. Rust is a common headache, but there are ways to protect those shiny zinc coatings and keep rust at bay. Read on to pick up some helpful tips from the pros at Jmet Corp – leading providers of high-quality zinc plating fastener since 2001.

Zinc plated
Zinc plated

What Is Zinc Plated Rust and Why Does It Happen?

When metal gets exposed to moisture, rust can occur – forming a red, flaky, rough coating that spreads as it consumes more of the bare metal underneath. But on zinc coated items, rust takes on a distinct appearance compared to red iron oxide rust on standard steel. Zinc plated rust shows up darker, sometimes nearly black, and may seem to spread more slowly compared to red rust.

This dark corrosion that creeps across nicely zinc plated surfaces happens when the protective zinc layer gets compromised. A scratch, nick, cut, or other damage can allow water and oxygen to reach the base steel underneath. Then rust forms, consumes more steel, and works its way outwards under the surrounding zinc – which remains intact longer than unprotected steel.

What Products Get Zinc Plated, and Why?

Lots of metal items across many industries utilize zinc plating to guard against corrosion. The construction trade relies on hardware like nails, screws, brackets, nuts and bolts that resist rust so structures stay sound. Auto manufacturers zinc plate parts like disc brake calipers, valves, springs, tie rods and sway bar links to prolong their life on vehicles. Even small hardware pieces for gates, fences, utility racks and more commonly receive a zinc finish for protection too.

Compared to iron and steel, zinc corrodes more slowly, making it sacrificial when paired. The zinc actually corrodes first, keeping oxygen and moisture from reaching the steel below it. This makes zinc plating one of the best ways to fight rust on all kinds of necessary metal components that need to last.

Stopping Zinc Plated Rust: 6 Key Strategies from Jmet Corp

Got some surface rust spots brewing on your parts and hardware? Check out these top rust prevention tips:

1. Address Nicks and Scratches Quickly

If you notice any damage that exposes bare metal, deal with it immediately. Sand or grind away traces of red rust, clean thoroughly, and apply a cold galvanizing compound like ZRC to replace the missing zinc protection with a protective zinc layer.

2. Consider Powder Coating

For extreme conditions or very important metal pieces, adding another layer like powder coating over zinc plating provides extra insurance. The powder coat gives a durable plastic-like shield. Talk to Jmet Corp about adding powder coating to any products where longevity is critical.

3. Give Zinc Time to Cure

Proper curing time allows zinc plating to fully settle so it resists corrosion later on. Jmet Corp zinc plating always meets required standards, but taking a little extra care and avoiding any extreme conditions for the first 48 hours gives the best results.

4. Clean Regularly

Make periodic gentle cleaning part of standard maintenance on any zinc hardware. This removes grime and surface salts that can be corrosive over time. Avoid harsh chemicals that could degrade the zinc finish.

5. Lubricate and Protect

Keep fasteners, hinges, latches, springs and any moving zinc plated parts lightly lubricated to prevent grinding and wear. Any compromised areas become targets for corrosion. A corrosion inhibitor can offer added moisture protection too.

6. Choose Low Maintenance Designs

Simplify hardware without crevices that collect gunk, pick finishes that shed rather than hold moisture, design assemblies for easy access – smart design reduces rust opportunities. Jmet Corp can suggest low maintenance zinc plating setups.

Want the full scoop on protecting your zinc coated products? Have a special project where lasting corrosion resistance is critical? Get in touch! The zinc plating specialists at Jmet Corp have all the answers to keep rust at bay on any custom metalwork.

FAQs: Common Zinc Plated Rust Questions Answered

Still seeking solutions for restoring and maintaining your zinc plated metal parts? Check out these frequent questions for helpful answers:

What’s the fastest way to remove rust from a zinc surface?

For quick rust removal, grab a wire brush or abrasive pad to scrub the area, then rinse debris away and wipe it clean before applying a cold galvanizing/zinc touch-up compound. This affordable fix rebuilds the protective zinc layer to prevent more rust.

What should I coat zinc plated parts with for extra protection?

Topcoat options like powder coating, paint, oil/wax, or a corrosion inhibitor sealer can supply added defense against moisture and rust on zinc pieces. Talk to Jmet Corp about the best protective system for your specific application and environment.

Is it normal for zinc plated parts to show some corrosion overtime?

A certain amount of dark zinc corrosion is expected over years of exposure to weather and outdoor conditions. But dmg336 significant red rust indicates a problem – the zinc protection has been fully consumed in that spot, allowing steel to corrode. Address such areas promptly.

Can I zinc plate fastener myself at home?

DIY home galvanizing can be challenging and risky for the inexperienced. The parts have to go through extensive cleaning/degreasing, multiple chemical baths, rinsing, drying, curing – not easy for non-experts, so it is recommended to purchase new fasteners for replacement. Please believe Jmet Corp

How long should zinc plating last against corrosion?
Quality zinc plating properly cared for should defend against red rust for many years, often decades. Thin coatings provide less protection over time than thicker (up to 0.003”) plating. Talk to Jmet Corp about your exact project life and service needs.

Rely on the zinc plating leaders at Jmet Corp to keep your critical metal components looking great and functioning optimally for the long run! Reach out now to discuss your unique rust prevention needs.

Conclusion: Working Together to Stop Zinc Plated Rust

Rust never sleeps, as the saying goes – so ongoing awareness and maintenance is key to limiting corrosion on zinc finished hardware and parts over their lifetime. But you don’t have to battle rust alone. Jmet Corp offers full support, bringing 17+ years of galvanizing and metal finishing experience to provide exceptional service and solutions.

Want to ensure a lasting, durable zinc finish? Need idiot-proof recommendations to simplify rust prevention in your environment? Have specialty metal goods that require precision zinc plating with a bespoke touch? Jmet Corp does it all. Contact us today to stop zinc plated rust in its tracks!