White Zinc Plated

White Zinc Plated: Corrosion Protection for Metal Surfaces

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White Zinc Plated Description

White Zinc Plated: Corrosion Protection for Metal Surfaces

White zinc plated refers to a type of coating applied to metal surfaces for corrosion protection. It is also known as white zinc chromate or white zinc passivation. The process involves immersing the metal object, typically made of steel or iron, into a zinc solution and applying an electric current to facilitate the deposition of a layer of zinc onto the surface.

The resulting zinc coating provides a barrier between the metal substrate and the surrounding environment, protecting it from corrosion. The white appearance of the coating is due to the presence of zinc chromate, a compound formed during the plating process. Zinc chromate helps enhance the corrosion resistance of the zinc layer.

Application and Use

White zinc plated coatings are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing. They offer good protection against corrosion in indoor environments or for items that are not exposed to harsh conditions. However, they may not provide sufficient protection in highly corrosive or outdoor environments, where other types of coatings like hot-dip galvanizing or specialized anti-corrosion treatments may be more appropriate.

Decorative Plating

It’s important to note that the term “white zinc plated” can also refer to a decorative plating process where zinc is plated onto a metal surface for aesthetic purposes. In this case, the plating may be followed by additional clear coatings or sealants to enhance the appearance and durability of the finish.

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