Have you ever struggled to find the perfect flat washer? One that gives you just the right amount of grip and tension for your application? Look no further than white zinc 250HV flat washers from Jmet Corp. These babies will give you the grip you need without breaking the bank.

White Zinc 250HV Flat Washers

Introduction to White Zinc 250HV Flat Washers

White zinc 250HV flat washers are a versatile fastener option suitable for a wide variety of applications. As the name suggests, they are made from white zinc-plated steel for superior corrosion resistance. The “250HV” refers to the impressive 250 Vickers hardness rating, making these washers over 2.5 times harder than standard zinc-plated steel.

This combination of hardness and corrosion resistance makes white zinc 250HV flat washers ideal for use in demanding indoor and outdoor environments. The high-quality zinc plating provides excellent protection against red rust for up to 96 hours of salt spray testing.

These washers are perfect when you need just the right amount of friction and grip for your bolted assembly. The hardened steel construction gives them higher surface abrasion resistance compared to standard flat washers. This allows them to “bite” into mating surfaces better for more holding power.

So if you’re looking to prevent loose parts, leaks, or back-out of fasteners in critical applications, white zinc 250HV flat washers are just what the mechanic ordered. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits these gripping washers can provide.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the standout features and advantages white zinc 250HV flat washers from Jmet Corp offer:

  • Extreme hardness – With a 250HV hardness rating, these washers are over 2.5 times harder than standard zinc-plated steel for exceptional grip and abrasion resistance.
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance – The white zinc plating provides excellent protection against red rust for up to 96 hours in salt spray testing. Ideal for demanding indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • High dynamic friction – The hardened steel construction “bites” into mating surfaces to prevent loosening and back-out over time. Offers 20% higher dynamic friction compared to standard zinc washers.
  • Reusable – Unlike nylon lock washers that deform permanently, these hardened washers retain their shape and can be reused repeatedly without losing performance.
  • Meets manufacturing standards – Made from high-quality steel and plating that meets ASTM F436 and ISO 7089 specifications.
  • Wide size range – Readily available in standard sizes ranging from #4 to 1-1/4″ diameter holes for use with a wide range of bolts and studs. Custom sizes also available.
  • Domestic supply – Jmet Corp manufactures these washers in the USA, enabling short lead times and competitive pricing.

Whether you need to prevent leaks, stop vibration loosening, or reduce galling and thread damage, white zinc 250HV flat washers can provide the ideal grip and tension for your application.


Common Applications

With their unbeatable combination of hardness, corrosion resistance, and dynamic friction, white zinc 250HV flat washers are ideal for:

  • Automotive – Wheel lug nuts, suspension components, drivetrain mounts, brake assemblies, undercarriage parts.
  • Construction – Securing scaffolding, temporary structures, metal roofing and siding.
  • Agricultural – Farm equipment, implements, trailers.
  • Outdoor Structures – Playgrounds, park benches, signs, gates, bleachers.
  • Marine – Dock hardware, railings, hatches, motor mounts.
  • Industrial – Conveyors, cranes, hoppers, guards, asset tagging.
  • Motorsports – Brackets, suspension, roll cages, steering components.

And many more uses where vibration, shock loads, or weather exposure demand extra grip to prevent loosening of threaded fasteners.

How White Zinc 250HV Flat Washers Work

These high-performance washers work through a combination of material hardness and the effects of zinc plating:

  • The extremely hard steel has a higher dynamic coefficient of friction against mating surfaces like bolt heads or nuts. This allows it to “bite” in better and prevent spinning.
  • The zinc plating further increases grip and galling resistance by interacting with the surface of the corresponding bolt or nut material. A chemical reaction occurs to impede movement.
  • The flat washer design provides excellent load distribution over the contact area to prevent damage to parts.
  • By keeping threaded fasteners tight, white zinc 250HV washers reduce fatigue and extend the service life of components. Vibration loosening is effectively eliminated.

The result is a rugged, reusable washer that keeps bolted joints tight for the long haul, even in demanding environments and extreme service conditions. Just what you need for mission-critical industrial, automotive, and outdoor applications.

Proper Installation

To get the maximum benefit from white zinc 250HV flat washers, follow these installation tips:

  • Clean all thread and contact surfaces thoroughly to remove oil, dirt and debris that can affect friction and torque.
  • Position the washer under the bolt head or nut, oriented flat against the part surface.
  • Tighten threaded fasteners to the recommended torque specs for the application. Use a calibrated torque wrench.
  • For critical assemblies, consider using a threadlocker along with the washers to securely lock parts together.
  • Re-check torque values after initial operation due to potential settling of parts.

Following best practices for installation will ensure you take full advantage of the gripping power and vibration resistance these hardened washers provide. Don’t forget periodic re-torquing for equipment subject to extreme loads.

Ordering and Customization

Jmet Corp stocks standard size white zinc 250HV flat washers from #4 to 1-1/4″ diameter to meet most needs. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we can ship product quickly from our USA-based facility.

We also offer custom washers with non-standard diameters, thicknesses, hole sizes, and materials. Our in-house engineering team can work with you to design a washer to meet your exact application requirements. Contact us today to get a quote on custom washers tailored for your specific bolted joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about white zinc 250HV flat washers:

Q: Are white zinc 250HV flat washers reusable?

A: Yes! Unlike nylon lock washers that deform, these washers retain their shape and can be reused repeatedly.

Q: Can I use white zinc washers with stainless steel or alloy bolts?

A: Absolutely. The zinc finish provides galling resistance against stainless steel threads.

Q: What torque spec should I use with these washers?

A: Follow the recommended torque range for your specific bolt grade, size and application. The washer biting action occurs in combination with proper bolt torque.

Q: What is the corrosion resistance of white zinc plating?

A: White zinc provides excellent corrosion protection, equivalent to 96+ hours in a salt spray test. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Q: What is the hardness rating of standard zinc vs. white zinc 250HV washers?

A: Standard zinc is around 100 HV while white zinc 250HV is over 2.5 times harder at 250 Vickers for greater wear resistance.

The Right Grip for the Job

With their extreme hardness, excellent corrosion protection, and high dynamic friction, white zinc 250HV flat washers from Jmet Corp provide the ideal grip and tension for critical bolted assemblies. Whether you’re battling vibration, shock loads, or harsh environments, these washers can help keep your parts tight and assets secured.

Contact Jmet Corp today to learn more about how white zinc 250HV flat washers can provide the right grip for YOUR job. Our team is ready to deliver the washers you need, when you need them. For an unmatched combination of performance, reliability, and value, look no further than white zinc 250HV flat washers. Get a grip on success with Jmet!